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signoff from business and labor groups, the key senate group that has been dubbed the immigration eight still seems to be split on just how close or far apart that deal may be. >> it has to be drafted. it will be rolled out next week. >> i am very, very optimistic that we will have an agreement among the eight of us next week. >> that doesn't mean we have crossed every i or dotted every t or vice versa, we have got a ways to go. >> most of the caution coming from florida senator marco rubio who issued a statement minutes before his colleagues appeared on the sunday morning talk shows, rubio saying reports the bipartisan group of eight senators agreed on a legislative proposal are premature s rubio's cautionary tale a deliberate slow-walk strategy or a sign of trouble ahead for the senators at the table? >> if he walked away from the negotiations, would that put the entire immigration bill in jeopardy? >> well, first of all, i don't think he will walk away. >> but you need him.
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if you don't have him, this bill is sudden any jeopardy? >> i'm not even going to speculate about that. >> with headlines focus morgue on rubio's caution then bipartisan successes, how hope system it washington and senators can hammer out a springtime solution? >> possible immigration deal in the work? >> i think very, very positive despite the fact that marco rube gee key player here. >> everybody tipping to around marco rubio, thins how marco rubio is the lynch pin to getting immigration reform signed. >> joining me now from arizona is democratic congressman raul grajalva. he does seem to play a pivotal and important role in the immigration formation. rubio said they made progress and it can't be rushed or in
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secret. here is "morning joe." >> not the linchpin to getting passed in the senate. they can find 60 votes. but marco rubio is how you get to 75 votes. once you get to 75 votes in the senate, that's how you get it passed in the house. how are you going to get an immigration bill that has a path to citizenship passed in the house? 75 votes in the senate. >> congressman, how do you interpret senator rubio's remarks? >> i -- obviously, a level of concern. he has been in this process from the beginning, early on, initiating his own comprehensive reform package, joined the other senators in that -- in a bipartisan effort. there has been some expectation that come next week, that we will have a rollout. we will have a piece of legislation and concepts we can go forward with. hearings will start in judiciary and the process regulared or letter begin in the senate. i think that's very key. the backtracking and maybe cold
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feet on the part of senator rube joe of concern to me. is the progress conditional on border security and where that falls into a deal? >> i understand, thomas, that border security and at the urging of senators from my
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state, mccain and flake, whom are appreciative they are part of this process. enforcement is going to be part of the equation. i understand the political necessity for that for a compromise. i don't understand the reality of it in terms of do we really need to do that? what are going tonight benchmarks? what are -- what's going to be the role of this advisory commission or in the process? those are still things we look at in the legislation. but the fact that enforcement is going to be a component of it, i think many of us realize that early on when the eight started to meet, that that was going to be a component. >> quickly, politico heads a headline, obviously, still out of the recess by a week, house group nears immigration deal s this more legged of the needle? is the head of the needle even smaller from the house side of things than we would see from the senate side? >> oh, absolutely.
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i think you're -- the resistance in the house is going to be more intense. the committees of jurisdiction, the opposition is going to be more intense and, quite frankly, you know, the pathway issue, which is the fine print that is still going to be a major point of debate, you can see a house bill where it's going to be more onerous, more expensive, more like the time and to some expect, in my opinion, more punitive. the house version will not be something that many of us feel comfortable talking about and saying this is something we support. we see the senate as a framework, as a driver. >> congressman, sir, thanks for making time for me. i appreciate it. >> thank you. bring in, say good morning to our monday morning political panel. msnbc contributor, victoria defrann chess ka soto, chris kofinis, robert train nam,
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former adviser to president bush and dean at northeastern university. happy easter out of the way, belated. happy april fools' day, no jokes. get down to business here. robert, i start with you. "washington post," why rubio needs to slow walk on immigration. having been seen as the lead gop voice in making comprehensive immigration reform happen would be a huge feather in his 2016 general election cap. but rubio and his team know to get there, they have to went republican nomination first. that's by chris cillizza. what is your estimation why the senator would put out this kind of his own agenda ahead of his compatriots appearing on the sunday morning talk shows with the topic of immigration, him trying to throw cold water on everything. >> not sure he is trying to throw cold water. he appears one of two things, one, he could be thoughtful, he could be drip rattive.
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marco rubio is pivotal to this. reid can get 50 or 60 votes. chuck todd's point on "meet the press," to get 75 votes, 80 votes, a lot of votes on the house of representatives side, talk become the tea party, talking about a lot of ideological hard-right conservatives they want marco rubio's cover and mrk marco rubio knows that. he has power from a rhetorical standpoint and political perspective. >> many people that re-elected president obama to office have expectations from him. victoria, after we got the report from the rnc talking about minority outreach and how important it is for them, they
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realize how pivotal the latino community is to gain the white house back if they ever want to get there again, that they are going to need to come up with comprehensive immigration reform and look like leaders. here is david axelrod this weekend on "meet the press." >> i understand their paranoia, a terribly difficult issue for him, wasn'ts this accomplishment, a legacy item for him no doubt in mind he wants to pass comprehensive immigration reform. >> i would say no april fool's jokes and try and tell me there's no soundbite. victoria, what do you think about that? is this truly based on the idea of paranoia but also the hard fact reality that we are leaving 11 million people in this country hanging in the wind? >> well, there's a practical issue of all of these people who are living in the shadows, but i also think that this is a legacy issue as we have said.
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marco rubio is being thouflt and coy. he wants people to keep attention, immigration spotlight on him. yes, marco rubio is important to the negotiations of immigration reform but i think immigration reform is more important to marco rubio because he knows he wasn't was to a shot at going forward in 2016, he is going to have to be able to point to something big. >> great to see both sides of the aisle are willing to take up this conversation with aught then at this time, knowing it needs to be had. chris, we are watching the other debate that rages on in washington, d.c., around gun control reform in this country and whether or not anything can get done remains the big issue here. i want to play for you senator graham, talking about gun control over the weekend.
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also with senator flake. take a look. >> why in the world would you expand that system if you're not enforcing the law that exists today to include private transfers? so i think that legislation's going nowhere. >> universal background checks, i think is a bridge too far for most of us. >> a bridge too far for most of us that is for the elected leaders, chris, but we have seen the majority of americans feel universal background checks is something easily agreed upon when you go up to people and ask them who should have gun ownership in this country and what type of investigate process should number place. the hill, the headline, saysed bison lobbying gop senators support gun control legislation. as the president tries to be the strategist is it biden's job to go in and be the cleanup guy? >> well, i think -- you know, i think the vice president helps going in there, having a relationship with a lot of these republican senators and trying to establish common ground. unfortunately, i'm lot more pessimistic than i was a couple months ago, i thought we were gonna get some serious gun
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control legislation. i mean, the -- the argument by the republicans just frustrates the heck out of me, i will be nice about it. it doesn't make any sense. you are talking about expanding criminal and mental background checks, filling a gap. you are not talking about some onerous piece of legislation. background checks take about five-plus minutes. but this is part and parcel i think the strategy of some of the republicans who oppose this, which is to slow it down to make it impossible to come to any kind of reasonable compromise and hopefully, the american people are going to shift to some other issues. the unfortunate thing, we -- the tragedy is we are going to be back here again. there's gonna be another shooting tragedy in this country and we are going to be talking about this issue again. and i -- i'm just puzzled at why the republicans don't see this as a common sense, reasonable reform. >> chris, as you say this though, there are people on the left who are dragging their feet, specifically harry reid. he, you know, is a -- a pro-gun,
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you know, senator, who has had reservations about trying to helm this. the "new york times" asked the question how hard will reid push? and robert, i want to ask this of you, the quote is how tenacious mr. reid will be and whether he extracts votes one by one as he has for other legislation may determine the fate of the measures. the onus is on harry reid to push something forward, at least if the democrats want to have credit or credibility on the issue? >> well, yes and no the onus is on harry reid to be able to thread this needle. the problem is that that needle is very, very, very small to thread. the reason why is because, as we mentioned before, a couple of senators, democratic senators that are are in red states, arkansas, north carolina, so forth that have a very, very large gun culture in their states and they don't want to go against that. no question about that but can i go back to chris's point for a moment? i think he makes a very, very good point here. senator graham makes a good point we need tone force the current gun laws no question
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that we need to do that. however, however, i don't understand why we cannot have universal background checks in this country. i don't understand from a mental perspective and also from a criminal perspective why we can't have that. if, in fact, we have a background check to get a basic job in this country, if, in fact, we need background check to watch our kids, one would think we would have a background check to possess a gun. that's not inhabiting a person's right to own a gun, quite frankly, making sure that people mentally or from a criminal standpoint don't get a gun. i don't juunderstand that. >> thanks to our power panel today. i want to turn the page to breaking news out of colorado, a courtroom there, where prosecutors have decided to seek the death penalty for accused movie theater shooter james holmes. we will bring you the details inside that courtroom. and my conversation with the attorney for dylan klebold's family, one of the columbine shooters. and increased security and heightened state of alert in kauffman county, texas, where the district attorney and his
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wife were murdered months after another prosecutor was shot to death as well. our question of the day four, senator jeff flake says it's inevitable that a gop candidate will support marriage equality. do you think that will happen bine 2014? zap technology. arrival. with hertz gold plus rewards, you skip the counters, the lines, and the paperwork. zap. it's our fastest and easiest way to get you into your car. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz.
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more on the breaking news we are following out of colorado. moments ago, prosecutors there announcing they would seek the death penalty against james holmes that is the man accused of killing you 12 people at a colorado movie theater in aurora last july. nbc's lee ann greg joins me live from centennial, colorado. explain what happened inside the courtroom. how fast did this all transpire? >> reporter: thomas it happened within ten minutes. during that time, the d.a. announced they would be seeking the death penalty against james
8:18 am
holmes, who had no visible reaction to that announcement. the d.a. said for james egan holmes, justice is death. he said that his office spoke with 800 family members of victims before making that decision. it was widely speculated that it would go that way because in a court filing last week, prosecutors said it was extremely unlikely that they would accept a plea deal that was offered by the defense. in that deal, holms would plead guilty and spend the rest of his life in jail, avoiding execution. prosecutors said they haven't been given details they need to consider a plea and also accuse the defense of violating a gag order by making you the plea in a court filing and said it was not a good faith offer. they can now still accept a plea deal later on. the death penalty case could take years to resolve and now holmes' attorneys may launch an insanity defense. they have said in the past that he is mentally ill. that requires mental evaluation and likely will push back the
8:19 am
trial which has been set to begin august 5th. thomas? >> lee ann gregg joining us from colorado. joins us is a criminal defense attorney who represented the family of dylan klebold, columbine here is the. just hearing there about the reaction from the prosecution going forward to seeking the death penalty from inside the courtroom and what they thought their merity were for going after that, what is your reaction from the defense side of hearing that and from -- >> there is an editorial this weekend in the paper concerning the death penalty that doesn't surprise me. such a daunting it is a to be try to defend somebody in a death penalty case.
8:20 am
i will leave that decision to his lawyers doing the best they can to kind of preserve their client's life. that's what's going on here. >> you talk about the preservation of james holmes' life and we learn about the fact that the prosecutors rejected this plea deal that would have taken the death penalty off the table if holmes pled guilty, give us the legal strategy, the maneuvering that would take and why prosecutors would turn that down. is it mainly because of the publicity, the publicity with a case like this? i'm not in the middle of the process but my sense is that the prosecution has nothing to lose by seeking the death penalty. and, you know, the defense has nothing to gain by trying to defend a death penalty case. at the end of the day, little
8:21 am
doubt, the merits of this case that mr. holmes is cull basketball surrounding the shooting. the issue now that is joined is whether or not mr. holmes can raise a defense, a state of mind, insanity defense in the getting that he is in. it is a complex, difficult legal decision that i think this point overlooked, one would gather from the pleadings that have been filed in the case indeed mr. holmes is competent to make a decision to plead guilty. that in and of itself is an interesting issue. >> the charges leveled against him. the prosecution has a wealth of evidence from the scene on the site of the movie theater shooting, 12 people were killed. last wealth of evidence from that boobytrapped apartment that was not too far away where james holmes was living.
8:22 am
if you had this case in your purview and holmes was your client is the best defense going down the line, doing away with that competence and going with insanity when it comes to the planning that went into doing something like this? >> if mr. holmes is competent and the lawyers are ethically, you know, comfortable with the idea they have a competent client, the issue comes to explaining the insanity and what that defense entails to a defendant. if a defendant is capable of, you know, kind of withstanding some intensive psychiatric evaluations, which would include, you know, evidence that could be used against him at a sentencing hearing or if a jury decided to impose -- get to the death penalty issue, i think a very, very difficult decision, but i think probably, probably,
8:23 am
the defense has a little other options they can pursue concerning a defense other than insanity. >> criminal defense attorney gary lozow. thanks for making time for me. i appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> absolutely. after the assistant district attorney was shot to death in kauffman county, texas, the district attorney was not taking any chances. he reportedly carried a gun everywhere, but that did not help his family. he was gunned down in his own home this weekend along with his wife. plus, making an impact, hillary clinton just one of 125 women around the world truly making a difference on our planet. we take a look at some of the other astonishing women. first, today's producer pick, brought to us by our segment producer, tracy mitchell, a new study showing when it comes to texting and driving, teens are not the biggest culprits. at&t did a survey on this and said it was shocked by what it found out. head over to my facebook page and check out who is doing it more than ever these days, even though they know it's wrong. we've all had those moments. when you lost the thing you can't believe you lost.
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here is look at stories topping the news now, the u.s. sent f-22 stealth fighter jets to south korea for military training exercises in direct response to north korea's threats. south korea's president said if provoked, the south would strike back. nelson mandela's condition is improving, the south african president thanked everyone for prayers. he has been in the hospital since wednesday. louisville's kevin ware recovering after successful knee surgery after the he broke his leg during yesterday's basketball tournament. his team went on to beat duke 85-63 to advance to the final four. even though ware was not on the court at the buzzer, he still got a chance, as you see there in his hospital bed to hold the trophy. all 35 defendants in the atlanta school cheating scandal are required to surrendered to jail tomorrow. some are expected to turn themselves in today. the alleged cheating took place in 58 of atlanta's public schools. so, it was truly a chaotic scene at a walmart in san jose,
8:28 am
california, after a man hit two cars in the parking lot and then rammed his car through the front of the store. it didn't end there the suspect then ran into the store and assaulted a few of the customers inside. he was arrested on the spot. and i-77 is open again after that deadly pileup. just take a look at this nearly 100 vehicles were involved. three people were killed. 25 others injured. severe fog is the culprit. otherworldly things. but there are some things i've never seen before. this ge jet engine can understand 5,000 data samples per second. which is good for business. because planes use less fuel, spend less time on the ground and more time in the air. suddenly, faraway places don't seem so...far away. ♪
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8:32 am
that mike and cynthia mcclelland were gunned down just two months after an assistant d.a. was shot and killed at the county courthouse. now, today that courthouse is open again to the public but under much different and tighter security. nbc's gabe gutierrez is live for must kauffman with more. gabe, explain the security precautions that we are now seeing in place, obviously ramped up a little bit more than we were two months ago but how much tighter are they? >> reporter: well, thomas, good morning. officials are being very cautious in saying exactly what security measures they are taking. this morning, we saw a very visible police presence here at the kaufman county courthouse as workers came into the courthouse, they were escorted by police officers and other officials. and there seemed to be a very tense mood here. now the district attorney's office is closed to the public, even though the rest of the building is open. local officials contacted the governor's office, or plan to today, to ask the governor to pint a new district attorney, which he must do under state
8:33 am
law. this shut 13th u.s. prosecutor to be murdered in the u.s. since the national association of district attorneys started keeping track back in the 1960s. as for the investigation, that is the big question now. local officials are not saying much of anything. which do know mike mccell land and his wife, cynthia, were found saturday, shot dead. they were reportedly shot multiple times. she was shot multiple times, she was shot only once by an assault rifle, sources are telling our local station kxas. other than that officials are being very careful to not speculate on a motive. obviously, local officials say this is a very brazen attack and they say that it appears it could be connected to that assistant d.a. that was murdered two months ago. but again, nothing definite so far. there is also questions being raised about whether all of this is connected to that murder of the prison chief in colorado, tom clements. the suspect in that case was
8:34 am
killed recently in north texas and a police shootout. he was part of a white supremacist group. why is that important? in december, the texas department.department of public safety put out a bulletin that the aryan brotherhood of texas might be planning retaliation against public official because of indictments handed down in houston. that is all speculation at this point. officials tell pete williams so far, they have not been able to find any solid connection among all of those murders. right now, there is a lot of questions here in texas, not clear why they would do this, there are clear ries can he want confirm. >> the mcclellands, the couple killed in their home, five kids two daughters, three son one i understand is a police officer in dallas. we:00 back two months ago, the assistant d.a., his name is mark hasse. is it true that mclelland was determined to find out who
8:35 am
tracked down and killed the assistant d.a. and are police and investigators talking about that? that maybe he was onto something? >> it was very eerie. two months ago, after the murder of hasse, mclelland said he would hunt this killer down. a bunch of shock and people in the community this man had promised, vowed justice for his colleague, now is dead himself. as you mentioned, he had five grown children, one of them, a dallas police officer. mclelland was a gulf war veteran and really beloved in this community that he served for a good number of years, thomas. >> gabe gutierrez reporting for must texas. gabe, thank you. the obama administration is looking for a replacement for fbi director robert muller and for the first time in our nation's history, one of the leading con senders a woman. the "washington post" says that president obama's top counterterrorism adviser, lisa monaco, is topping that list.
8:36 am
monaco oversaw the national security division at the justice department before joining the white house. so, hillary clinton back in the news because she will be hitting the speaking circuit this month, delivering her hadder first paid remarks since she stepped down as secretary of state. mrs. clinton tops democratic party and national surveys as a folks presidential contender come 2016, though she has not yet announced any formal decision. she is also one of the 125 women to make "newsweek's" latest women of impact issue. and joining me now to talk more about this is "newsweek" and daily beast editorial director, justine rosenthal. justine, great to have you here. obviously, this is a wonderful issue, inspiring issue for a lot of and he will it is tied to the fourth annual women in the world summit, "newsweek" and daily beast host later this week on thursday and friday, but a lot of big names are already attending. the 125 women though, as i was going through this, it was interesting because you guys have picked people from
8:37 am
hollywood all the way to the other side of the world in afghanistan. how do you cull down the list? >> we spend time trying to find the women working with ngos on the ground and afghanistan and acknowledge there are top ceos in america and worldwide that also, you know, are making a major impact and are doing that partly, you know, because they are women. >> one thing that your issue cred i did the the fact that hillary clinton has been leading -- a leading figure for the women's movement, global rights dating back to 1995. there is fear that without hillary clinton at the helm, some of her work might fall by the wayside. explain how her agenda might or might not survive without her being at the forefront of it.
8:38 am
>> well, i think that one of the things that hillary did that we haven't really seen before was to embed her agenda of peace, security for women into almost all areas of the state department's agenda. and so the question is now that kerry has taken over, can those seeds she has planted survive without her there? as american troops withdraw from afghanistan, there is a thought you may see a wane in that agenda. >> one of the women that stood out to me, described as mali's piper of peace. tell us about this woman and tell us how she is making a difference. >> an incredible tale, a woman of about 30 years old now, who
8:39 am
saw the islamics taking over the north of the country. mally is a place known for its music. she saw this happening and sharia law instituted and music ban there had, she brought together 40 musicians from mally to create an album called requests peace." and then, you know, she saw the french intervene, not sure the twoant aren't directly related but certainly a moment of activism unprecedented there. >> again, when we talk about a lot of the women on here, there's the spanx creator. >> yes, there is. >> that she has done. >> what can you tell me about debra parker? >> there is a violence against women act in congress year after year after year when it came up
8:40 am
for renewal this year, one of the clauses was to be that native american women could prosecute for rapes that took place on reservations are, which is apparently extraordinarily high numbers, women are raped twice as much by non-native americans. >> the list is amazing, justine. went through it this morning, impressed by everybody on there surprised by some people on there certain reasons why they are making your list, 'cause there are surface reasons for some of the people on there that they are naturally attracted to that we know of but we out the work we are really doing. encourage everybody to check to it out. "newsweek" and daily beast executive editor justine rosenthal, thank you for being here. >> thank you. the google effect, how search engines could possibly tilt a presidential election. you need to hear about that. plus, an april fools' day message from the white house and our question of the day for you, senator jeff flake says it's
8:41 am
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and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. all right. could google or any other big name search engine for the web affect the outcome of the election? a harvard educated psychologist says yes. his theory based on an experiment he test out a fake search engine that manipulated results in rankings in an actual election. he said he suede his test subject voters without them even realizing what had happened too them. joining me via skype is "washington post" national technology reporter craig timburg who wrote an article explaining the experiment. craig, good to have you here. where are you? you're outside right now, are you >> don't tell my boss, i'm in santa barbara, california. >> i knew it looked nice out there i knew looked nice. now we have got than out of the way, let's talk about this psychologist and should note that robert epstein, the sigh
8:45 am
co -- the psychologist, a beef with google there is no evidence google ever manipulated sites why did the psychologist do the experiment and come back with the substantial support that he think it is could affect elections? >> he had one of those experiences with going that will can be frustrating, his site was blocked because some hackers had broken into the site. in the course of kind of wrestling that out, he became concerned about how powerful google was over what we see and hear and really how we think. and so, as a behavioral psychologist, he decided to test the effects of google's search rankings on their way people perceive political candidates. he set up experiments that showed an effect he said is very consequential. >> when we talk about the article you put together and know the phrase, google bombs, for example, linking john kerry's name to the word waffles, george w. bush's name linked to the word miserable failure, rick santorum went through a google bombing, he was
8:46 am
just able to rectify recentlisome that the very same thing? >> no, that's external manipulation. [ inaudible ] try to improve their search rankings and improve the search rankings of others. what he tested with is what would happen if a company tried from within to alter the search records. let's imagine an alternative universe where everyone uses one search engine more than others and the people behind that company decided to sort of monkey with their rankings for the way we perceive things. that is what he was test. wasn't the external stuff. >> talk about the perceptions because swing voters are the ones that this experiment revealed to be the most
8:47 am
vulnerable, correct? i think we might have lost craig. we were so close. i mean, could you kind of hear his voice getting a little slower, like he was really chill out there in california. but that's what happens when you try do things via skype. we will get him back if we could. that was the "washington post's" craig timburg with us. we appreciate him making the effort there. all right. so there were rumblings that the white house easter egg roll might be canceled because of the southwest. that wasn't the case. look, the easter bunny is there the easter egg roll is on. we will bring you the details next in the sidebar. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health
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finishing up our conversation with craig timburg, the "washington post" national tech reporter who wrote the article
8:51 am
explaining an experiment on how big search engines could actually influence the election results coming up for any of our future elections. craig, good to have you back. i know that our skype broke down. that doesn't work, but the old phone lines, ma bell is working. you interviewed a georgetown professor who said that the manipulation by one search engine would be hard to pull off. he goes on to say that the claim is such a difficult one to sustain that i find it hard to take seriously. but in the age of 24-hour news and the way that news cycles are now, does he have a point? >> he certainly does have a point. that there's a volume issue. that, in a way the elections where you get the most information you're probably least likely to be influenced by a search engine. is to which the researcher would say -- that well, we're talking about people who were kind of tuned out. the people in the middle who don't have a strong party affiliation. those are the ones who are most
8:52 am
vulnerable. i spoke to eli pariser, the long-time president of and he said it's the low-information vote who are decide the election and they're more vulnerable to all sorts of manipulation. >> the low-information voters, otherwise deemed the swing voters, looking to get informed and find out what's going on in the political universe. google has a statement out on this saying providing relevant answers has been the cornerstone of google's approach to search from the beginning. it would undermine people's trust in our company if we were to change course. other than google saying we're not doing this type of -- and they have no plans of doing this who is monitoring the search engines for that kind of behavior? is there any way to do that with a punishment involved? >> the trade commission just completed a big investigation of google and found no problem in commercial manipulation of product and that sort of thing. the european union is looking at it. but there's not an obvious
8:53 am
federal oversight body when it comes to the possibility of electoral manipulation. i didn't find any reason to believe that google was presently doing this i'm, i didn't come to the story with the idea that they would. but it's sort of a thought experiment. you're trying to measure how powerful they are. and then you get to the question, let's imagine that somebody wanted to misbehave. is there anybody kind of watching the store on this it's not clear to me there is. >> the "washington post's" craig timburg, appreciate it. a very funny april fool's day prank on the nation courtesy of the president. time for the political sidebar. take a look at what the white house just posted on youtube. >> he looks like you're expecting somebody else. but april fool's on all y'all! >> that clip hit just before the peter cottontail paid his
8:54 am
belated easter visit to the white house, for more than 35,000 people are now with the first family on the south lawn for the 135th annual egg roll as well as kid president. the kid president thaw saw there is, is there, too so as the president ledded festivities, he gave props to the mini-me. >> kid president, give kid president a big round of applau applause. the easter bunny is here, give easter bunny a big round of applause. >> all right. so a whole group there. this year's theme, encouraging children to lead healthy and active lives. how can the white house afford to hold the event during the sequester? corporate donor and sales. the president got active playing a ronde of golf at air force andrews. republican critics want the president to give up his golf outings because it costs too much to use secret service on those trips.
8:55 am
speaking of sequester costs, carnival cruises is blaming federal budget cuts for the long lines its passengers experience whenthy arrive in port because there's less customs agents to check their bags. michelle obama at the white house for a screening of the new movie "42" about baseball legend, jackie robinson. harrison ford plays the baseball executive branch ricky who signed robinson to the brooklyn dodgers. robinson's widow, rachel is expected to attend the screening. and a newly-ranked public memo is now the most popular of all fbi memos. the 1950 memo to j. edgar hoover about three ufos is now the forecast popular. is it or is it not the "x-files"? check it out. now "now" is up. >> beside the fact that i want
8:56 am
to adopt kid president -- >> isn't he great? >> he's awesome, so adorable. besides that, could marco rubio, the republican face of immigration be responsible for abandoning a senate deal? we'll look at where he stands on the issue with telemundo's jose diaz balart. and the beltway narrative seems to think it's that way for the hold-ups over gun control. and fuel standards, have potential to make a huge impact on pollution, but politics is getting in the way. and the groundswell for hillary, hillary, for president is growing. even if she's not on board, we'll look at what she's been up to when "now" starts in 180 seconds. sorry. sore knee.
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